Appalachian Artisans Guild Scholarship


    The Appalachian Artisans Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting artists and artisans in the Ohio River Valley.  We strive to preserve the traditional handmade arts of Appalachia and to promote the contemporary artistic expressions of our regional artists and artisans.


     One of the ways we do this is through education.  Therefore, we are offering a scholarship to eligible students graduating in the spring of 2023 in Adams, Brown, Highland, Pike, and Sciota counties.


     These are portfolio scholarships available to students who intend to continue their education in a visual art or artisan field after graduation, whether through institutes of higher learning, vocational schools, or apprenticeships.



1)       The deadline for application submission is April 30, 2023. The application must be typed and neatly presented.  An application can be found and printed out at our website

2)    A typed artist’s statement must also be included. In 250-500 words, please describe your reasons for wanting to be an artist/artisan, and your plans to continue the pursuit of an art or artisan career.  Also describe your artwork and medium.

3)    The application form must be accompanied by at least four, but no more than eight, quality photographs or digital images of your work in the area of study you wish to pursue.  Please label each photograph with your name and the title and medium of the piece.  Labeled digital images in JPEG format may be emailed to

4)     Please include a copy of your official high school transcript.  Priority is given to students who maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher.

5)    The completed application form, artist’s statement, transcript, and photographs can be mailed to: AAG Art Scholarship, c/o Cynthia Baker, Scholarship Chairperson, 6732 Carper Lane Road, Hillsboro, OH 45133.  You may fill out and submit it online instead: email the application and supporting documents to

6)    Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage if you wish to have your photographs returned.

We will notify you by email of the status of your application.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Appalachian Artisans Guild Scholarship Application

Last Name  ________________________________________  First name  ______________________________

Address  __________________________________________  City  _______________  State  ___  Zip  _______

Email address  ______________________________________________________________________________

Home phone (with area code)  _________________________  Cell phone  ______________________________

Expected graduation date  ________________________

School or Home School Program currently enrolled in _______________________________________________

City  ____________________________________  County  ___________________________________________

School or program you will attend  _______________________________________________________________


I hereby affirm the information submitted to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature  ___________________________________________________  Date  __________________________

Printed name  ________________________________________________


Checklist for the art scholarship:

_____  Artist’s statement

_____  Four to eight photographs, labeled with your name, the title and medium of the piece

                    If images were emailed, date of email  ____________________________

_____  Transcript

_____  Self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want your photos to be returned


Mailing address:     AAG Art Scholarship

                                c/o Cynthia Baker, Scholarship Chairperson

                                6732 Carper Lane Road

                                Hillsboro, OH 45133


Email address for digital submissions: External link opens in new tab or


Thank you for applying for an Appalachian Artisans Guild Art Scholarship!

The Guild is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.